Chickadee Farm Herbs

Chickadee Farm HerbsWe get our herbs from Chickadee Farm Herbs at Flatbush in northern Alberta. Flatbush is a small hamlet of farming community in a forested area two hours north of Edmonton, Alberta. Their farm is in a unique location on the bank of the Pembina River. In 2002, they became certified organic – their present certifier is OPAM (Organic Producers Association of Manitoba).

When visiting Chickadee Farm Herbs, we learned very interesting facts:

  • they gather several herbs in approved areas of the boreal forest,
  • they offer a wide range of herbs that are hardy in the region of northern Alberta. These include many varieties of garden-grown herbal teas and culinary herbs,
  • they use ethical wildcrafting practices to avoid depleting stands of wild plants. Therefore, they collect only a portion of the herb available on the plants so that the plants can easily regenerate,
  • they do not return to a patch until it has fully regenerated.
  • they also do not drive into the patches, and thus do not disturb the forest by making trails; rather, they walk into the patch and carry the herb out on backpacks.

To ensure we deliver the highest quality product, we are proud to support ingredient suppliers who belong to the Ethical Tea Partnership, Fair trade and Well Earth Sourcing programs.

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