My Story: Fanta Camara


Herbs and teas have been used to support health for thousands of years. Our whole leaf herbs, teas and spices have been created with health and wellness in mind. Our blends use the best possible natural and organic ingredients available to create a 100% Natural Goodness.

A few years ago, I decided to increase my knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating.

My grandmother was a Medicine Woman in Mali, West Africa, who used the properties of herbs and spices for healing people. It was she who influenced my interest to learn more about how food, herbs and spices affect our health.

I learned very quickly that while sugar was not good for one’s health, herbs and spices could positively improve one’s health.


Since I did not like the taste of flavored teas, I developed my own line of teas. My goal was to create a smooth, pleasant, healthy, flavorful tea that did not taste fake or artificial. This became an ongoing hobby — mixing various herbs with teas and sharing them with family and friends.

A few years ago, I discovered chai latte. I loved the spiced taste but found them too sweet and difficult to digest. And I was not alone. When researching the opinions of other chai drinkers, I found that there was a demand for less sweet, naturally spiced chai without unnecessary sugar, oils and flavorings. Having considerable knowledge of spices and herbs, I decided to develop my own recipe using whole real spices, and eliminating sugar, to provide overall health benefits.

Our  Canada Chai Instant Mix and Chai Spice Shakers are unsweetened and contain zero carbohydrates. We let the consumers decide how to sweeten their chai. Market research has shown that those who prefer unsweetened chai are really looking for a chai with no artificial additives or sweeteners.

Thank you for your trust and for sharing our values.

We wish you the highest level of health and happiness!

Fanta Camara,
VitalyTeas Ltd.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada