Health Benefits

Better health begins with one cup.

Modern research is proving that many of the claims made over the centuries are in fact true: herbs, teas, spices and natural sweeteners are better for your body.

That’s good news for those who enjoy VitalyTeas Canada Chai  and Canada Teas. Our ingredients are handpicked for authenticity, vibrancy and nutritional value. Here are some of the reasons why you should pour yourself a cup or two every day: black, white and green tea leaves contain polyphenols which are a source of antioxydants — powerful allies against free radicals, helping prevent the formation of cancer-inducing substances in body cells.

  • Both black and green tea may reduce the risk of cancer — particularly lung, colon and skin cancers.
  • Catechin in green tea acts as an astringent to help the body to rid itself of impurities.
  • The caffeine in tea is a mild stimulant which helps to reduce fatigue and improve alertness, concentration and accuracy by stimulating the nervous central system.
  • Tea stimulates the digestive juices and the metabolism, including the kidneys and liver. Tea also plays a major role in maintaining bodily fluid balance.
  • Chlorophyll in green tea improves the quality of the blood and maintains the health of skin.
  • Vitamins: green tea contains such essential vitamins as A, C, E and the B group.
  • Alkalinity: green tea is alkaline and non-acidic. It is gentle on the stomach while contributing to overall good health.